Ostomy Belt

Ostomy Belt by Stomaplex

The Stomaplex belt will protect your ostomy from tight clothes, waistbands, swimsuits etc. The Stomaplex belt prevents leaks that can be caused by physical activity, sweating, or spending time in the water while swimming.

Customizable Belt

Ostomy patients have complete size control.

Designed by Patients

The Stomaplex belt was designed by patients.

Swimming with an Ostomy

It is important to protect and support your ostomy while swimming. Wear the belt with either of the Freedom-Guards for protection.

Ostomy Protection

Stomaplex has designed three guards that will attach to the belt with a Velcro. The guards are contoured to allow for free flow and to be as discrete as possible.

Ostomy Support

Two belts styles are offered. The hernia belt is 4.5" wide with about 6" of total adjustment. The belt is meant to be snug to compress the abdomin to help prevent parastomal hernias. The other belt is 3.0" wide at the ends and 1.5" wide at the center back. The 2-straps help with adjustability. These belts require the Stomaplex guard.

Here at Stomaplex we believe in protecting the ostomy with a contoured stoma guard. Stomaplex's has designed an ostomy wrap with either 1 or 2 straps. Either ostomy wrap will accept the protector. To stay active during sports, protect your ostomy and be more confident.

Stomaplex History

In 2011, Stomaplex began to manufacture stoma guards. Since then, we have has developed a product portfolio that includes three types of guards and two type of belts. Our wraps protect the stoma of patients with a colostomy, ileostomy and urostomy. The work with one-piece or two-piece ostomy appliances.

Recognizing that ostomy patients were predisposed towards developing parastomal hernia. Stomaplex designed its portfolio beyond a single belt to include a hernia belt. Nowadays Stomaplex has the largest selection of sizes and, according to ostomy professionals, the best guards in the market. Stomaplex guards come in multiple sizes and different materials to suit any lifestyle.

Stomaplex's Way

Stomaplex has developed a reputation for innovation through years and close attention to patients. As a result, all guards are designed with the needs and requirements of the specific condition in mind (colostomy, leostomy, urostomy, parastomal hernias), and represent a unique, affordable and effective solution.

Stomaplex Belts:

  • Helps protect abdominal hernia repairs & helps minimize recurrence
  • Provides 360° degrees of wafer/pouch support for longer wear time
  • Adjustable Hook & Loop (Velcro®-like) closure for a perfect fit
  • Helps prevent lines & bulges
  • Helps manage prolapsed stomas

Stomaplex Styles

Two-Strap Comfort Wrap

comfort ostomy belt, ostomy belt for comfort, ostomy comfort belt

The standard belt has two microfiber straps for greater adjustability. Adjusting the tension of the top strap tilts the guard for greater flow.

Supports parastomal hernias around the abdomen, whether at the site of the stoma or adjacent to the stoma. The belt conforms around bulges and other body shapes for a more naturally look.

One Strap Hernia Wrap

ostomy hernia belt

The hernia belt has a single strap that is 4.5" wide. By having a one-strap belt design, we are able to offer greater support.

Designed for maximum compression, helps to minimize hernia formation. Hernia belt attached to the Stomaplex guard. It flattens small bulges and helps protect hernias.

Stomaplex Support & Hernia Belts

Stomaplex hernia belts are made of a microfiber - elastic blend, and have Velcro tabs to attach the Stomaplex guard. A velcro material holds the belt tightly together. There are two types of Stomaplex belts: Standard Comfort and Hernia Support. All support and hernia belts are recommended to prevent and contain incisional and parastomal hernia occurrences and to provide ostomy bag support for both children and adults.