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Stomaplex Ostomy Belts

The Stomaplex belt will protect your ostomy from tight clothes, waistbands, swimsuits etc. The Stomaplex belt prevents leaks that can be caused by physical activity, sweating, or spending time in the water while swimming.

Customizable Belt.

The standard belt has two microfiber straps for greater adjustability. Adjusting the tension of the top strap tilts the stoma guard for greater flow.

The ostomy hernia belt has a single strap that is 4.5" wide. By having a one-strap belt design, we are able to offer greater support.

Designed by Patients.

The Stomaplex ostomy belt was designed by ostomy patients.

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ostomy hernia belt


Ostomy Hernia Belt


This ostomy hernia belt is 4.5" wide as a single strap. The belt belt attaches to a Stomaplex stoma guard to protect the stoma and prevent parastomal hernias. The belt is made with microfiber for...

best colostomy belt, stomaplex ostomy belt


Colostomy Belt


This Stomaplex ostomy belt is for patients with a colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy. This belt is made with microfiber for comfort. It is designed with two-straps for greater adjustability following...

Ostomy Protection

To protect the stoma, Stomaplex has designed three stoma guards that will attach to the Stomaplex belt with a Velcro. The guards are contoured to allow for free flow and to be as discrete as possible.

Ostomy Support

Two belts styles are offered. The hernia belt is 4.5" wide with about 6" of total adjustment. The belt is meant to be snug to compress the abdomin to help prevent parastomal hernias. The other belt is 3.0" wide at the ends and 1.5" wide at the center back. The 2-straps help with adjustability. These belts require the Stomaplex guard.

Stomaplex Stoma Guard

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